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d'lish food is ready to eat. Just heat the food and enjoy.

You may adopt any of the following options as per your convenience to heat the food content. However, the best and recommended by us is the first option.












Retort Technology is the world’s latest and the safest food preservation technique. However, there may be a chance of one in hundred to be defective. Fortunately, defective one can easily be recognized physically and can be avoided easily. In case you find any defective pouch after purchase, you can get it replaced free-of-cost.


There are certain precautions you need to take before using the product;

  1: Do not heat the pouch in Microwave oven directly.

 2: Store sealed pouch at normal room temperature (below 30 degree centigrade) in a dry place and use up to ‘Best Before Date’  mentioned on individual pouch.

 3: If pouch is found leaked or bloated, do not use it. Food may change its color, texture or smell due to leakage or bloating.
4: Keep cartons and pouches away from direct sunlight, heat, dirty or pest infested areas.

 5: ‘Best Before Date’ is applied only to unsealed or unopened pouch.

 6: Store opened pouch in refrigerator (below 5 degree centigrade) in sealed container and consume such food within 2 days.

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