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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The long working hours and tough schedule demands products that are easy to use and consume. Therefore, ready to eat food is the perfect choice in this busy routine of working women or man who prefer ease and time saving recipes. For the first time in Pakistan, D'lish has launched ready to eat food without preservatives using Retort Technology which keeps the food fresh for longer period, hence increasing the shelf life.

There is a great boost in products like RTE food because consumers nowadays don't have much time to cook or order junk food daily from outside. Best time saving and healthy choice is to get ready to eat meal which can be consumed by just heating for 2 minutes without any extra effort plus giving healthy ingredients which don't use any preservatives. Increased female workforce participation, time pressures brought by jobs, single and households and lack of cooking skills motivate consumers to purchase ready to eat food.

Price also plays an important role while opting for ready to eat food. D'lish product range is reasonably and fairly priced keeping in view the customer's demand and ease. Our price range is starting from just Rs200 which is by far the best pricing in terms of customer's purchasing power.

Pakistan is a growing economy when food is concerned. Rich flavors, variety and quality of ingredients are trusted worldwide. D'lish, after being successful in many other countries worldwide, bringing the same quality ready to eat food for the first time in Pakistan's history. The food is purely prepared with top quality ingredients without any preservatives harmful for consumer's health.

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